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A Globalization Company

Lemoine International is a global leader in translation and localization solutions. We specialize in localization and internationalization of IT products and the translation of critical documents, enabling companies to deliver their products and services to a global market in over 40 languages.


Lemoine is a company with a global presence. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Lemoine also has offices in Atlanta, Madrid, Milan, and Lyon, with production and international project management based in Cologne and engineering in Dublin. Lemoine also has international project managers in Beijing and Tokyo


Our corporate philosophy combines teamwork with a flat management hierarchy. This flexible environment enables quick response and turnaround and fosters individual leadership from our highly motivated team members.


Our services Include:

  • Software localization

  • Document translation

  • Product and application internationalization

  • Globalization consulting

  • Software testing

In addition, Lemoine International provides clients with lab testing of localized and original software, in over 40 languages, on various platforms.