Full Content Globalization

The process of making all the necessary technical, financial, managerial, personnel, marketing, and other enterprise decisions necessary to facilitate international business.

Website globalization ensures not only that your web content is accurately translated from your source files but that all the content, including graphics, forms and materials is locally accurate. As technology continues to reduce traditional barriers to global markets, language and culture still provide challenges to companies who need to reach a global audience.  Customers, prospects, and employees alike prefer to view content that has been adapted (localized) for their local market.

A company should not only translate its website into another language, it also should localize all of the content to be locally accurate. This includes:

  • Glossary and terminology development
  • Translation and localization (adaptation) of web content
  • Translation of web software
  • Online forms
  • Graphics localization
  • Internationalization
  • Testing of localized website