globalization services
In today’s marketplace, technology allows companies to overcome traditional barriers to market.  Companies of all sizes can express-ship their products to their customers around the world overnight, and deliver digital content, products, and services in the blink of an eye, but many still face the barrier of language and of culture.  We at Lemoine International understand these barriers and the nuances of language and culture.  Our international project managers have worked on globalization projects of all sizes, software localization, internationalization, and document translation.  So whether this is your first localization project or you need to localize a new release or product line, we have the experience to ensure your project is successful.

localization services
Localization is the process of adapting products for a specific local market.  At Lemoine International, we use best practices and the latest technology to ensure each project is functional, as well as linguistically and culturally accurate.  We customize each project to meet the needs of our clients’ challenging requirements, whether they’re related to the dynamics of the Internet or involve the introduction of new programming languages.

Internationalization is the important first step in the process of designing websites and software applications that can be easily and cost-effectively localized, resulting in globally acceptable websites and software products.  Internationalization is the design and engineering (or re-engineering) of websites or software applications so they can be easily localized without making significant changes to the application itself.

translation services
Whether you need your documents translated into multiple languages, to reach a global audience or those that speak English as a second language domestically, Lemoine International has the expertise to ensure that your message is accurately delivered.  Our team of in-country, international project managers have worked with thousands of projects, all types of disciplines, and a variety of formats and dozens of languages for small and large companies alike.

software testing
A successful localization project is built on informed, accurate translation.  Even so, every component of the software must be thoroughly tested to ensure the integrity of the code.  The localization engineers at Lemoine International and our partner companies devise testing plans for each project, carrying out debugging and regression tests.  Our clients rest assured that they can entrust this decisively important aspect of their software localization to us.